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Redhub offers an Indoor Studio, with an extensive library of training programs, dynamically adjusted to each individual rider’s specific needs and level.

Redhub Cycling Studio:
1.Rates:R675 per month-ride as many times as you want.
2. Fitness assessment to establish specific limiters and strengths and understand your profile: R400
3. Workouts are focused and designed to make you stronger and faster.
4. Compact your effort and time in a
Safe and effective environment.
5. Additional monthly over all coaching available.
6. Studio at Randpark Golf Club around the corner from Cresta.
7. Training times: Mondays 6-8 am,
Tuesdays to Fridays 5 am – 8 am.
Call Willie 0845438880

Many aspects of city life, like traffic, limited training time, and general safety concerns are contributing towards making indoor studio training more viable and preferred by many cyclists.

Given that indoor trainers such as the Wahoo Kickr, training tools, software applications and coaching methodologies are advanced, indoor sessions surpasses outdoor efforts in many respects. Indoor training with the right tools should in fact be part of the workout plan of cyclists who wants to improve.

At Redhub Studio we use Kickr indoor trainers which are accurate in power measurement. We can focus on training with power in a controlled setting. No traffic lights, wind, or other elements to interfere with workouts. Riders use their own bikes. (Just attach your bike to the trainer in a minute, and you are ready to go!)A major advantage is that time use can be compacted. You can use an hour to ride a very specifically designed program, isolating components of conditioning and getting results which can take a couple of hours outdoors with general riding.

A dedicated computer file server is in control of all the trainers in the Studio.  A number of large 50 inch TV screens display each riders information, heart rate, cadence watts etc.  Sophisticated workout software is responsible for TV screen displays and automatic control of the Kickr trainers.

A rolling profile of the workout is displayed showing each rider where they are and what is to follow in terms of power output efforts. Riders can see the effort and time required for the next interval in the program, how hard they will have to ride or when and how long recovery times are between specific efforts. The result is an environment which is dynamic and interactive.

Each rider is riding at his own level, so a 300watt rider could ride the very same program as a 150 watt rider, both being equally challenged but each at his relative level.  The concept is great for the beginner and elite rider equally. We generally see improvements of 10 to 15% over a 3 to 4 month period in power output levels.

By performing a fitness assessment when riders join the studio, power levels are set in the software for each rider, so as to ensure that every effort is challenging but specific for each and every individual at every level. The software takes care of setting the power levels each and every time a rider is booked to a trainer.

A rider can pair his heart rate monitor and cadence meter to his master file. Done once, it is being displayed on the screen during every ride.

Facilities such as uploading to Strava or Training Peaks are done seamlessly in the background.

The overall scientific approach ensures that specificity in workouts is followed and results are achieved.

Many riders think of spinning or using the Watt bike at the local gym, when talking about indoor training. All types of training helps and a Wattbike is good when you use it correctly rather than just seeing random numbers. The key is in the specific workouts rather than general efforts without the advantage of effective individualised structures, power levels and efforts. At Redhub our value is in the workouts and the technology. Not only the tools.

A first complementary session can be booked to understand the difference in the concept as compared to spinning, Gym watt bike etc.


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