Multisport Club

Newsflash regarding the future of REDHUB and multi-Sport:

With great excitement we bring to you that the REDHUB brand has merged with Aqua-tri club.

In future, the club will be known as REDHUB.

What does this mean?

What this means is that we gain affiliation with 3 sporting codes to license through namely Cycling, Triathlon and Running.

More important than affiliations, is the basis for developing relevant services and products for members and to build a sporting brand involved with all aspects of the 3 disciplines.

The REDHUB shop will be the base from which cycle rides and running group rides will start.

We will communicate via a special newsletter to explain fee structures and process for joining. The process will be facilitated online.

Club Kit

Some of the benefits to members:

  • Group training with support vehicles on rides for safety/support.
  • Facilitation to divide groups rides into various rider strengths and preferences.
  • Access to specialised training/testing at discounted prices.
  • Access to kit, gear, bikes and cycling accessories at preferential prices.
  • A base from which the club will operate, Cresta Corner Centre for running and cycling.
  • A place to socialise after training with reduced prices on coffees, drinks and meals.
  • Potential to run events such as Criterium and Time Trails.
  • A strong social media platform where we can promote the club and its activities.
  • Access to a web presence for communication and interaction with members and potential new members.
  • The ability to offer a lowered and reasonable annual fee to be able to make a valuable offering available to all members including:
    • Group training.
    • Access to specialised coaches at discounted rates.
    • Branded quality kit for all disciplines as well as kit for general wear at preferential rates.
    • Access to the vast experience available in the club.
    • Gazebo and support at races.
    • Informative Workshops through the year where expertise can be shared.
    • Continued access to ASA licence, CSA licence, and access to CGT.
    • Ability to cater for multi-sport.
    • EZ band and cap/peak.

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