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 Bike Setup is essential for every cyclist

Bike setup protocols have developed a lot from the days that we sat on the saddle and pedalled backwards to see if our heels touched the pedals and if so we had the “perfect fit!” It was  only a few years ago that we used tools to measure angles, and  a plump bob to find the line from the knee position over the pedal.

Today we understand the importance of an accurate bike setup using advanced video and computer analysis tools and software. Video inputs to industry best practice software can find a suitable position for 90 percent of riders.  For some riders with chronic injuries, flexibility issues however, an even more advanced approach is required.

A professional setup is like free Watts on the bike and this combined with eliminating discomfort  extends to hours of riding fun!

The advantages of a detailed bike setup cannot be emphasised enough. Comfort, performance enhancement and injury prevention are the main benefits. Effectively, a professional setup is like free Watts on the bike and this combined with eliminating discomfort extends to hours of riding fun!

A setup-bike or rider’s own bike is used to accommodate quick and easy changes to a rider’s riding position while continuously re-measuring and analysing the rider position in motion and under power. The process is repeated in relatively quick succession until the ideal setup is “dialled in”! The entire process generally takes between one and two hours.

Video motion analysis is effectively a simulation of various riding positions adjusted a bit at a time, which simply cannot be achieved with accuracy when using out-dated static measurements.

Regardless of the increasing role of technology, the bike fitter is still crucial to the process in matching the rider’s position on the bike with their individual requirements, goals, preferences and health. In addition, an experienced bike fitter will make final fine-tuning adjustments to the riders fit on the bike using his or her experience and knowledge.

At RedHub Cycling, dynamic video analysis is done using  software to achieve the most efficient position for every customer’s individual requirements.

Do you want free Watts on the bike with added comfort? Book your Bike setup Now!

Costs: R600

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